YANKEES : Off Season UPDATES ( October 1st )





STEINBRENNER confirms contract talks with CASHMAN                               ( lhblogs.com )

STEINBRENNER :  Cashman is a good General Manager                                  ( nj.com )

LONG explains why Yankees were not “Bronx Bombers” in 2014                  ( cbslocal.com )

Feinsand : 5 “must make” moves to get Yankees back to Playoffs                   ( NYdailynews.com )

Yankees have to pick their battle in replacing JETER at SS                                ( lhblogs.com )

HAL reveals a very un-BOSS-like agenda for the Yankees                                   ( NYpost.com )

JETER on his Spotless Image : Never wanted to Embarrass my Parents       ( NBCnewyork.com )


Re: Steinbrenner interview – Excellent job by and . You don’t normally see transparency like that from an owner.

Hal Steinbrenner on season: “I apologize.”

Hal Steinbrenner: I’m not as rash as my father.

Hal Steinbrenner also said working on Brian Cashman‘s new deal, “he’s a good GM.”

Hal Steinbrenner says Joe Girardi did a good job this year

Hal Steinbrenner says Joe Girardi might need to be more “forceful” with players in 2015. Mentioned Mark Teixeira.

Hal Steinbrenner: Shortstop, starting pitcher are top of the list for free agent targets

Carlos Beltran had surgery to remove the bone spur in his elbow today. Won’t throw or hit for 6 weeks. Can play in 12.

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