UCONN wbb : Preseason UPDATES ( ” First Night ” )



Huskies hold First Night on Friday                                                                             ( uconnhuskies.com )

This was One Night to Remember at UCONN

UCONN unveils 2 more Championship Banners                                                    ( APnews.com )

Cleared to Play – GABBY WILLIAMS goes 5 vs 5 at First Night                         ( CTnews.com )

TUCK able to put Focus back on basketball                                                              ( SNYuconn.com )


‘s 13 National championship crystal balls.


‘s 2013-14 national championship banner unveiled.


Geno Auriemma : ” We really wanted everybody in America to know that there are places where basketball is really important

and there are places where basketball is great and then there is UConn,”

Ray Allen :  “When you see both (banners) go up, the kids that go to school here. You just feel like you’re at a special place.”

Sue Bird _ “ makes the extraordinary into the ordinary. Putting banners up in the rafters is just what this place is about.”

Great atmosphere in here tonight … Thanks to everyone that filled Gampel for


“This has become and always will be the Basketball Capital of the World” -Geno

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Gampel Pavilion was a madhouse during First Night.


“We did a lot with a little and now that have this Champions Center, we are going to do more with more!” Geno Auriemma

. and together for in Storrs here for photo with


‘s Gabby Williams: “It was great seeing the past players and past championship trophy & to think ‘wow I am a part of it now.'”

Kiah Stokes hit a 3 and said she has been working on that part of her game heading into senor season at


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