Rankings Riser – BABC Forward KEVIN MARFO talks his cut down list

2016 6’8″ Power Forward KEVIN MARFO from Oradell, NJ ( Worcester Academy ) impressed just about everyone this summer playing for Nike sponsored BABC , and saw a bunch of high profile programs Offer scholarships.

With his Senior year about to start, Kevin took the next step in his recruiting process by narrowing his list to 10.

The schools still with a chance are :

( alphabetical order )

Boston College                                             


George Washington

Georgia Tech





Rhode Island

Saint Josephs


Nike EYBL/


Kevin shared with Coach Bill what he likes about each program :


Boston College : Boston College is a great academic school . Their
program is in the rebuilding process and they see me as a key part to bringing
them back to the power of the ACC. Coach Christian is very excited about the
future of BC. 

DePaul : Coach Leitao is new coach and looking to make a big impact . He see me as important key to get
DePaul back to its winning ways .

George Washington : George Washington is becoming a power house in the Atlanta 10. George Washington
is a great school with great academics. 

Georgia Tech : Brian Gregory is a coach who came from
winning culture at Michigan state . Coach Gregory wants to develop

UMass : UMass is a great school with great culture. Coach Kellogg is building a great facility 
for his basketball team . 

Minnesota : Minnesota is a great school . Big Ten is one of the elite conferences
in the country  . Coach Pitino is a  coach that's  wants to take Minasota to new

Pittsburgh : Pitt has great tradition and a winning culture . Jamie Dixon see me as the
next Dejuan Blair .

Providence : Providence is a great school. Coach Cooley is a great coach that knows how to connect with his       

Rhode Island : Coach Hurley had done a great job at Rhode Island . It is also becoming a powerhouse
in the Atlanta 10. He wants to develop my game and bring me to the next level .

Saint Josephs : Coach Martelli really cares about St. Josephs. He wants to bring it to new heights . 
He wants me to be a part of it . 






What is most impressive about Marfo is his hands, nice touch, and good instincts on the glass. Right now he isn’t the most explosive kid and he isn’t a gazelle running the court, but he plays well with his back to the basket and catches everything near him.

– Brian Snow  ( )


BABC’s (45) Kevin Marfo has a big physical presence on both ends of court.

Not sure there is a “big” that does a better job of carving out space than Kevin Marfo…savvy scorer in paint..# BABC. .

Kevin Marfo is absolutely eating right now. Unbelievable footwork and use of counters in the post. Plays angles so well

Great, great spurt out of Kevin Marfo. Big fella scoring in the blow and showing off a nice interior passing ability near the basket

EYBL’s top DR% thru ses 5
1 25.9%
2 24.6%
3 23.2%
4 21.7%
5 20.9%

Would say 5 best stock boosting 2016 bigs at Peach Jam..Kevin Marfo, Cyril Langevin, Eric Curry, Ben Kone, and Bruno Fernando

Like how Kevin Marfo works with his back to basket. Has a deep bend, gets the D on his hip and keeps them there, gives a target, calls ball.

Four best guys I’ve seen today are four hardest playing. Bruce Brown, Kevin Marfo, Brison Gresham, Kevin Knox.

Some Bonzie Colson to Kevin Marfo. 2016 big knows how to score with back to rim and seems to come up with 10+ boards by getting out of bed

Kevin Marfo just had a face up one dribble attack in the post finished on the other side after spinning through two. Great move

Kevin Marfo has been the human vacuum early on for Babc. Everything in his area is his. Total ownership


Nike EYBL Rebounds Per Leaders:
Harry Giles: 11.2
Jarred Vanderbilt: 10.5
Omari Spellman: 9.5
Nick Ward: 9.5
KevinMarfo. 9.2


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