N.Y. GIANTS : Week # 5 – Thursday UPDATES


Big Blue Kickoff Live  :   INJURIES                                                                                  56 minutes

Strategy with Carl Banks  :  Assessing the Falcons                                                      2 minutes

Giants Online  :  Giants vs Falcons PREVIEW                                                               9 minutes

TOM COUGHLIN on Thursday’s Practice                                                                       4 minutes

PERRY FEWELL on playing the Falcons Offense                                                        10 minutes

BEN McADOO on Odell Beckham Jr                                                                                  9 minutes

ST Coach TOM QUINN on Punting to  Devin Hester                                                   5 minutes

RASHAD JENNINGS  on Giants Identity                                                                         4 minutes

JASON PIERRE – PAUL discusses getting to QB                                                           2 minutes

Giants First & 10  :  PRINCE AMUKAMARA Spotlight                                                2 minutes

How Well do You Know :  JASON PIERRE – PAUL                                                      3 minutes


Giants vs Falcons  :  Injury Report                                                                                ( )

Scouting Report :  breaking down the Falcons                                                         ( )

7  Takeaways from Media Hour                                                                                      ( )

JON BEASON aims to Return vs Falcons                                                                    ( )

Giants expect to throw BECKHAM right into fire (if he plays )                          ( )

watch TV Shows to get set for Gameday                                                                      ( )

How did Giants get more Aggressive ? – by Signing this Guy                               ( )


Jon Beason said he will play on Sunday.

All hands remain on deck … or field. Every Giants player was out at practice for a second straight day. Yes, including Odell Beckham.

Preston Parker is happy to see Odell Beckham Jr. play, even though it probably means fewer snaps for himself

Special teams coach Tom Quinn not sure about Beckham‘s availability as a punt returner. But says he has RB skills with ball in hands

Tom Coughlin: Beckham practiced well.

Ben McAdoo told his players in their first April meeting that their biggest challenge would be handling success. He knew this was coming.

McAdoo says Giants will “take it slow” with Odell Beckham Jr. “He would be a nice guy to add to the mix.”

Fewell on Matt Ryan: “Last time I saw him he beat the hell out of us.

Perry Fewell didn’t sound too confident that Devon Kennard would be available this Sunday. Might be another week.

Only 20 of the 53 active Giants have ever been here when the team had a winning record.

Prince Amukamara walks off field: ‘yeah, yeah. I’m getting laid’ Hilarious

Antrel Rolle attributes Prince Amukamara‘s breakout season to … sex? Yep.

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