Halaby leads #6 ADELPHI wbb to Win over Holy Family 80-70

80-70 F

FINAL here in Garden City. 80-70 . The 6th ranked  moves to 11-0 . Jenna Halaby leads way with 21 pts & 5 boards

also got 12 pts – 8 boards from Sierra Clark. 9 pts 6 boards 4 assts from Kelly Mannix. Big plays from Tran, Flynn,Milhaven

down the stretch.

Final BOX SCORE from latest Win for the #6 team in country .

Halftime BOX SCORE


Big Off rebound putback for Clark…then Mannix with Def board ..gets fouled. Makes 2 FT’s. HF answer with quick 3. 75-70

Halaby just fouled out on Rebound opportunity. 2 FTs nade by HF. 71-67

Huge Three from Tara Flynn out of tineout…luts up 8 . Ashley Gomez leaves after collision

Emily Brandt with Big Three off bench for . 54-50 Panthers with 8:48 left.

19 pts for Halaby with 13 mins left. 49-36 Panthers. SR Halaby is a real load to defend off the dribble for opposing Forwards

Ashley Gomez with strong start on both ends early in2nd stanza for

Mannix, Gomez , Flynn, Brenner, Halaby to start 2nd Half. for

NO Cali Balfour (concussion ) for . she is Avg 13 pts 6 rebs for the Lady Panthers . HALABY who Avg 7pts stepping up.

Sam Milhaven with 5 pts – 4 rebs in 6 mins off Bench. Sierra Clark with 6 & 4 . shooting 36% from field . 2-11 from Arc

HALFTIME here in Garden City…. leads 36 – 33 over Holy Family . Jenna Halaby with 15 pts !! 6-11 FGs, 2-2 FT’s 1-1 3’s

Mannix off rebound putback plus foul (nade FT ) pulls to within 1 . 22-21 with 6 mins left

9:07 left here in Garden City… trails 22-16 . Halaby & Clark combine for 13 of 16 pts for Panthers

Hot start from Holy Family forces another timeout. 18- 9 HF with 11:44 left

Holy Family Coach MARK MILLER  Postgame

Q :  Coach, your initial thoughts about facing a team like Adelphi ?

Coach Miller :  They have so many weapons, you really have to make sure you play good team defense. They have a lot of kids that can do different things. They play hard, they are well coached , well prepared ..they are a good team. They are gonna have a lot of success as the season goes . I’m proud of my group…its a tough place to play, with 1 day to prepare… they gutted it out and gave it a great run, great effort. A play here, a call there, a made layup here, made layup there… we have a chance at the end. 

Q : Jenna Halaby had 21 points and really stepped up with the absence of Cali balfour. Most of the coaches in the region know about her prowess off the dribble. She proved to be a load for you to handle.

Coach Miller :  She is…that is what good teams have . some night that someone is out or someone is struggling, someone else steps up and takes their game to next level…and obviously that is what she (Jenna ) did. Most teams have 1 or 2 weapons…they have 7, 8 , 9. They are real good, very talented, very deep…and can beat you in a lot of different ways. Inside, outside, off the bounce, shooting the 3.

Q : Statistically Kelly Mannix had a light game for what she has been doing this year, you have seen her prior and on tape this season… what do you think of her  as a young lady that has gotten most out of her ability and this season is having an All-American type season statistically .

Coach Miller : Yeah…she’s really, really good. She can do a lot of different things. She plays so hard…she’s skilled, but she is also a really smart player. 

Q : as Coach of a program that is well respected in the program and had a lot of success…can you share your thoughts on what Coach Jacobs has done with this Adelphi program since she got here and what they become now  ?

Coach Miller : A lot of people may not know this, but Heather helped me one year when I was at Norwich in Vermont…and I knew  right away that she was going to be really good. I remember back to that year and early on telling her that Heather you are really good…you just need to talk and tell everybody. I think heather has really done it the right way here. She got the right kids early, she got kids to play hard and buy into her system…and now she is reaping the benefits. These kids have battles and are now Winners. The bottom line is when kids play hard and buy into the system, you can be very good. They do it the right way, and heather works her tail end off…. and probably doesn’t get the credit in our Region that she probably deserves. In my mind she is in the top D2 conference in the nation, and probably doesn’t get the true respect she deserves.

Samantha MILHAVEN  & Jenna HALABY  Postgame

                                                                                                                 Jenna Halaby
Jenna Halaby


Q : Jenna I’ll start with you, Impressive performance from you today. You had 15 points at the Half, 21 for the game . Especially with Cali Balfour out (concussion ) did you feel a personal responsibility to step up and try to be more aggressive  ?

Jenna :  I don’t think it was a personal responsibility , I felt like I just had to do what was best for the team. I saw the openings and went for the drive… and when I had the open shot I would shoot it.

Q : Even going back to your Freshman year, you have always been tough to stop off the dribble, you now mix in 3’s, today you were lights out from the FT line. Your whole game seemed to come together today…do you feel the X-mas break is coming at the wrong time interrupting the opportunity to build off of today ? ( 1/2 kidding )

Jenna  : I’m happy to spend time with my family  ( laugh ) . I don’t think its gonna change anything to be Honest.

Q : facing a quality team like Holy Family…you guys have had a lot of games where ya’ll have worn teams down in the 2nd Half… you’ve stretched leads out to 20-30 point Wins. Do you feel this is good for the team heading into conference , where you had to grind it out for 40 minutes and make some big plays in the last 4 minutes  ?

Jenna  :  yeah, definitely . I feel like we haven’t had competition that got to us and wore us down. So I think it was a good game for us .

                                                                                                         Samantha Milhaven                                                                                             

Samantha Milhaven

Q : ” Milly” (Samantha ) , coming now to you… you provided a huge lift off the bench today . In 14 minutes you had 9 points and 6 rebounds. A big three . How do you feel about your performance and providing the lift the team needed from another Forward with the absence of Cali (Balfour ) ?

Samantha :  Basically I played with no hesitation . Whatever minutes I’m given…just got for it, not a lot of thinking just playing and keeping them off the boards was one of my main priorities.

Q : Being a SR, and one of the role players off the bench, do you feel that is the greatest strength of this team…is it depth, and having a few kids that can come off the bench and produce ?

Samantha :  Absolutely… Anyone on our bench is capable of going in and make an impact.  Every game you just don’t know what we are going to throw at you. There is so many people with so many strengths, to counter what the other team has.

Q : As Seniors, to think back where the program was when you were Freshmen…how much Pride do you have being here basically since the beginning of the rebuild and now seeing this program as #6 ( rankings ) in the country  ?

Samantha : Its obviously so cool, because coming in Freshman year it was a whole different story…we were nowhere near this, and every year has been a building block. Last year was one of the best seasons this program has ever had here at Adelphi, and now trying to take another step…its a really humbling experience to see how much the program had grown, and like you said being here from the start… it makes it that much more personal and prideful.

Q : Seeing the program from your Freshman year and the girls that have come in here since…and the level of character and chemistry that exists with wonderful young ladies, do you also feel that is one of the big strengths of the team ?

Samantha  : Absolutely, we are all on the same page..we all have the same goals . Even like last night the team came over my house ( she grew up locally ) and we had a big pasta party . After finals it was a nice time to unwind and have a home cooked meal and all be together. I think that transferred to today and how well we played together, and how much we were there for each other. We are so close knit, and we are all there for each other . I think it definitely helps us when its time to grind it out on the court.

Q : How about you Jenna…you have also been here since the beginning of the climb . A program that hoped it could Win, then believed it could Win, now expects to Win every night … and expects to have a Special year . What are your thoughts on what this program has become ?

Jenna :  I’m soo proud of how far we have come. Freshman year we had a lot of potential, but I don’t think we used it to our advantage..and then every year since we have grown a little bit better, a little bit better. And now this year, we are a forced to be reckoned with (smile ).

Q : If I can lastly ask you about your fellow Senior Kelly Mannix is having an All – American caliber season statistically to this point. Can you share with me the growth you have seen from her since Freshman year. The season she is having so far, and if you expected it  ?

Samantha  :  I did expect it. being with her all these years… coming in Freshman year, you could see it,  she put her heart and soul into everything she did. She doesn’t have just one thing she is good at. She can drive, she can shoot..clearly she can shoot . She is a good defender and rebounder . She has grown into herself, and she is an amazing leader . She really puts us on her back and she is there for each one of us. I’m really proud of her , she is doing really awesome !


                                                                                    Adelphi Coach HEATHER JACOBS  Postgame 

Women's Basketball

Q :  Coach, you initial thought son a hard fought Win vs a quality program that gave you quite a battle for 40 minutes.

Coach Jacobs  : have to give credit to Coach Miller and his staff. He’s proven that Holy Family always produces a winning team, and girls that are going to come in and compete , play hard..we expected that from them from the beginning. They had some young players play well , I was impressed with their effort.

Q : How much do you feel this will serve you well…obviously you have a team with a target on your backs . You are expected to challenge for a Conference Championship , To have a game going into break where you didn’t pull away and Win by 20-25, to have to go down to the last 4 minutes where every possession mattered…and the concentration that was needed for 40 minutes.

Coach Jacobs : Yeah… somebody once said that you don’t need to Lose to have lessons, and I think this is a game that we can definitely take a lot from it… and we are fortunate to have the Win and have lessons late in the game . A lot of people stepped up for us …we had foul trouble, we had 3 starters in foul trouble. we had 3 players who play a lot of minutes with 4 fouls, and we had players who don’t usually  play a lot of minutes came in and stepped up. I think that is something we hang our hat on as a group and are proud of as a unit.

When you look at your team on the surface, you are 11-0, you have Kelly Mannix having an incredible year so far… but it would seem the real strength of the team is the depth . It seems like talking to other coaches, that you wear teams down in the 2nd half with your pace and your depth . Do you feel that is the greatest strength of this team is the tremendous depth ?

Coach Jacobs : Absolutely, but I think its their approach too. I think the girls we have that don’t start or don’t get 30 minutes a game … their approach is selfless, and I think someone like Sam Milhaven came in and was solid for us…with 14 minutes – 9 points, 6 boards , 0 turnovers … that is terrific. Emily  ( Brandt ) same thing. 5 points in 8 minutes . They were ready..they were composed and ready . its a challenge, and credit to them that they have done a great job.

Q : You were missing Cali Balfour due to Concussion, obviously Jenna Halaby stepped up and had a huge game for you with 15 1st Half points  and 21 overall . Can you speak to her averaging 6 points a game, and coaches in the region know what a load she is to defend off the dribble…what are your thoughts on her performance ?

Coach Jacobs  : That is the beauty of Jenna…not only that but she had 4 steals too. She is a tough matchup and she has worked on her outside shot , she connected from Three today and that makes her even harder to Guard. She’s adaptable and flexible . Some night she just scores 5 points, because the shots are evenly distributed… but today she was a mismatch for the other team and she knew it , so she stepped up for everybody. Not only that, she connected on her Free Throws and put together a complete game for us.

Q : Coach, you have Kelly Mannix averaging almost 20 points a game and over 11 rebounds coming into today. In this game she was a little light statistically in those areas comparably, can you speak to her capacity to continue to be a Winner in a game that wasn’t as big statistically as the others and once again make big plays down the stretch.

Coach Jacobs  : I always look down at the box score and realize that Kelly played more minutes than I realized. She is a Winner. We have the utmost Trust in her ability to make big plays on both ends of the floor. She is somebody that no matter what she is going to make a big play. She has grown her game …she can take people off the dribble, she can play in the post . Every year she has developed a new weapon. its a credit to her work ethic and her determination and who she is as a person.

Q : You went to the 1-3-1 Zone for he majority of the 2nd Half , what was behind that decision ?

Coach Jacobs :  We are long…and we were going on makes, and we were trying to to get them out of flow a little bit. We felt like they were connecting and comfortable. We wanted to try to get them to take shots out of flow and contain their penetration. we had 15 steals, I’d like to see a little bit more in that area. But it was all about getting them out of fow, unpredictability and to contain penetration for sure.

Q : Just talking to 2 of your Seniors about where the program was when they were freshman and where it is now. Can your thoughts as the Head Coach about where the program was 4 years ago, to now having a program that is so deep, that is complete on & off the court  and has a culture that truly knows how to Win and has such selflessness. What brings you the most Pride ?

Coach Jacobs  :  Th Individual and Collective development and progress of the team. Our approach to situations , especially when things don’t go our way. When something happens that is negative, and to see how the girls take care of each other. To have someone like Sade Jackson (All Conference player that graduated last year ) in the stands here and showing  that she is a proud alum, that wants to come to practice, wants to be here and is doing what she loves ( playing Professionally overseas ) … or players that played in the program that are now working in their field of study and they are grateful for their experiences here, and that is our goal here is to give them a great experience.

Q : Coach, your program has developed a strong reputation for its Offensive prowess, you are averaging 80 points a game… but in today’s game you held a Winning program to 35 % shooting and forced 27 turnovers from a well coached team , without a starting Forward and mixing up Defenses. Is that an area that you think maybe isn’t given enough credit or has become a big part of who you guys are .. and for people to fully recognize that you are not just an Offensive juggernaut ?

Coach Jacobs  :  Yeah… the 1-3-1 is something we have spent time on… and we anticipate that to improve, at the same time we are not the same team we were a year ago, and our ability to score points has stayed consistent, but everyone knows that famous line that Defense wins championships, and everyone in our league knew that we could score… but they questioned our ability to defend. We have taken that personal 

Q : Your program / team has developed a strong reputation for its prowess in shooting the 3 , I myself love the final stats today of only shooting 16 3’s and shooting 30 Free Throws . How do you feel about those numbers and the imprint it leaves with your team  and how it can be successful with a dynamic like that .

Coach Jacobs  :  Yeah, we shot 76 % from the FT line , that is better than where we have been and we are hoping to stay in that direction. I’m not the type of coach that wants us to gun 3’s all the time but yet I also want out players to be their best selves . We have girls like Kelly, Lauren , Tara… that put a lot of time in and can connect from Three. I want them to be comfortable and fluid in that area… but all in all they took good shots. They realized the 3 wasn’t there as much, so we went for the better option…and that was being aggressive , and that was something we talked about. So their ability to focus and hone in on that paid off.

Q : You have a team that is statistically Impressive Offensively. But when you watch your team play consistently it is distinguishable how well you move the ball. That is not only a sign of good coaching, but it is a sign of selflessness and kids that but into that style of play . Would it be fair to say that even more than the tangible results and the success..but the fact that you are a fun team to watch and one that shares the ball and really  plays the game the right way is a great source of Pride for you ?

Coach Jacobs :  Yeah..I definitely think that the fact that the girls play together… we are still working on our Offensive approach and our flow, bu they want to Win…and they want to move the ball until the right opportunity comes. Fun to watch is always our #1 priority , but in turn its one of those things that when you play hard , you play together and play smart the results usually take care of themselves. I think those things go hand in hand. When we play together and are moving the ball…everybody has fun. The players have fun and the crowd enjoys it. So its a win – win situation.

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