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DUKE : Preseason UPDATE ( Countdown to Craziness )



JAHLIL OKAFOR dominant in “Countdown”  Scrimmages                                                        ( fayobserver.com )

OKAFOR dominant at CTC                                                                                                                              ( duke.rivals.com )


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K is quietly confident with this bunch.


is in the books with and putting on impressive performances. Duo combined for 49 pts on 19-of-29 shooting.

Allen unable to finish on three attempts. Plumlee earns the dunk contest title to cap off the 2014

NO injuries.. is hands down the Best player in the country & #1 pick. looking like a POY / #1 pick on Offense end

Yep…for the NBA…RT : “I think Jahlil Okafor is ready” – everyone in attendance tonight.

While Okafor and Sheed are dominating….the common factor of the more successful teams tonight? Tyus Jones

This Duke team will have so many ways to score. Okafor, Jefferson in paint. Cook, Sulaimon, et al, 3-pters. Tyus driving. Winslow…


2nd game impressionsSheed played great on T Jones team – Okafor good no matter which PG he had

Sheed answers has 16 in this game

After all the preseason talk…looks like Jones and Cook may not be playing together all that much. Matt Jones seems to have the SG spot won


Hurley gets a great ovation – Cherokee Parks got a good ovation too



Seems like Coach K is going to let the assistants take the game while he chats up and


Tell you what, Coach K and Dennis Smith () are having a good time on the bench.

Smith & K’s chat


The Crazies showing some love for with a “Harry Giles come to Duke” chant

: I screamed come to Duke.. When it went quite before anthem” I heard you lol preciate it man

Plenty of chatter between Coach K and Harry Giles..

Tyus Battle () has been recruited for three years by the coaches….he just got his “come to Duke” chant.

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