DUKE media day

DUKE : Preseason Media Day







COOK & JEFFERSON named Team Captains                                                           ( goduke.com )

DUKE uses special method to Unite roster of Newcomers                                 ( usatoday.com )

Freshmen could be ones to watch for Duke this year                                            ( abc11.com )

Confidence in himself allows  COOK to be comfy with JONES                          ( newsobserver.com )

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Factors that will Make or Break Blue Devils this season                                      ( bleacherreport.com )

DUKE basketball : Biggest Ups & Downs of Offseason                                          ( bleacherreport.com )

DUKE basketball : Special Chemistry forming for this Team                               ( dukereport.com )

5  Blue Devils with Most to Prove in 2014-15                                                            ( bleacherreport.com )






nice to talk with Freshman Center Jahlil Okafor at today’s Hoops Media Day…

caught up with freshman Tyus Jones at todays Media Day…

As you’d imagine both Quinn and Tyus are saying all the right things about their backcourt partnership. Big brother little brother.

Sulaimon said after a summer beside them – every bit of the hyperbole surrounding the frosh class is warranted. Feels team is ‘special’.

Sulaimon also added that not having coaches there this summer microwaved the teambuilding process. They took it on their own shoulders.

Quinn on Jabari/Jahlil: Jabari was cocky like he knew he was the best player in the country. Jahlil plays like he’s trying to make the team.

Cook btw wasn’t taking a shot at Jabari, just contrasting the way their on court persona.

Quinn also said he’s gonna have to tone down his oncourt emotion. Said he had calm leaders to back him up before, now he’s in those shoes.

‘s Quinn Cook on lack of his titles: “I’m glad that college is 4 years. I’ve got one more crack at it, & I want to make the best of it”

I can’t even begin to tell you how many folks have praised Jahlil Okafor in the pre season who’ve seen him play of late.

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