5’4″ 2019 WV PG DENA JARRELLS = game changer & crowd pleaser

DENA “Juice” JARRELLS ( Tolsia H.S. – WV Thunder AAU ) could be considered a PG Prodigy.  She plays with consistent instincts and flair that is seen is seen by high profile young boy’s point guards. The type of plays that some point guards just   have a natural feel for how and when to pull off. Ball handling or passing creativity that they do not plan.

She can consistently break open a game with advanced scoring and passing acumen…as well as create “buzz” in the stands .

Buzz is also now making its way through the women’s basketball scouting media.

“Juice” evokes some thoughts of a female “white chocolate” –  former NBA point guard Jason Williams.


ohh…and as you might expect, this young lady has a Huge BALLA‘s appetite for the game. Both as a gym rat working on her skills and being receptive to coaching,  being a student of the game.


speaking of being a student…  Dena has a 4.0 GPA  in Honors classes.







One of the most creative kids in the country. Plays the game with vision and flair



: ’19 Dena Jarrells putting on a show today-has the ball on a string.

: Solid play from today. Controlled the pace of game for her team & got them open well.

– Can’t say enough about Dena Jarrells she consistently makes good basketball plays.

Dena Jarrells is a natural PG. Lead the camp offense with ease today.

: ’18 Dena Jarrells a great point guard showing off her passing abilities

: Both Dena Jarrells and Anaya Peoples showed glimpses of a bright future in the backcourt







  1. Reply Post By Loretta

    She is amazing to say the least!

  2. Reply Post By Jody Burgess

    I have trained Dena since she was 7 years old . She has a passion to excel that rivals any other player that I have dealt with . Her stature may be small but her heart is the size of a lion . I would sum her up in one word ….. WINNER . THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT FOR DENA JARRELLS !!!!!

  3. Dena is amazing. I use to take pictures of her at the Knott Co Sportsplex. Everyone was in awe of her abilities. When Dena had the ball, everyone on the opposing team was fully focused on Dena. You go Dena!!

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