2018’s KAITLYN DOWNEY : ” Get to Know Me ” – Monthly Diary


Kaitlyn Downey is a class of 2018, 6’1″ versatile Forward from Hastings on Hudson, NY ( Maria Regina H.S. ) . She plays AAU with Empire State Basketball Club. Over the last few months, she has become one of the most coveted prospects on the East Coast.

As a Sophomore, she averaged 15 Points per game and 8 Rebounds

” 2018 Forward Kaitlyn Downey. Katie was a member of the very first girls team I ever coached. Over the past 4 years I have watched her develop into being an extremely skilled player on the court but also as an amazing young woman off of it. She has the ability to finish around the basket with precise footwork or stretch the defense and knock down a deep 3. She has made a number of big shots in her time while playing for me but none bigger than the game winner at the 2012 Nationals. ”     –  Nick Volchok  ( AAU coach )


Away from the court, Katlyn is just as Impressive, if not more so. She is  Outgoing, very Sincere, and Responsible young lady. She has a 98 GPA, taking Honors and AP courses.

She is a member of the national Honors Society, Science national Honors Society and her high school’s Student Council.






Hi Everyone!


I am Kaitlyn Downey. This will be my first blog write up, and I am very excited to start this great opportunity. This summer has been an unbelievable season for my new AAU program, Empire State Blue Flames, and for myself personally. My team, consisting of some of the best players in our State, have had a terrific experience all season long. Playing together for a couple of years now, our team has developed a great chemistry which has lead us to being very successful this AAU season, especially during the July period. Personally, I have been able to receive a great deal of interest from over 40 schools, leading to an amazing nineteen offers this year. I have taken UNofficial visits to Hofstra, Northeastern, Marist ( elite camp ), Rhode Island ( elite camp ), Manhattan, Fordham, Holy Cross, George Washington, American and Richmond. Two more scheduled for September 6th to St. Josephs and UPenn. I am incredibly grateful for what basketball has opened up to me. I would have to attribute such great success to my AAU Coach, Nick Volchok who has taught time and time again the values of team play and handling the recruiting process the right way. Also, my parents, who have tirelessly supported me through this process, have truly helped me remain humble and appreciative for everything that has happened. And for that, I am forever indebted to them.

After AAU ended, the rest of my summer was spent training and visiting as many schools as possible before the school year came rolling in. Through visits different colleges, I have learned a great deal about what I would like to experience in the next phase of my life. It has been a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Heading into the school year, as an upcoming junior, I was blown away by the much anticipated, September 1st. It was truly an incredible experience and I am blessed to have been able to experience it. It is great to see how all the sacrifices my teammates and I have made socially and through training, have truly paid off.

The next part of this journey is transitioning back into the the school year and getting physically and mentally prepared for the high school season, while balancing the workload of classes. It can become exhaustive, trying to maintain both ends of the spectrum, but it is definitely worth it. This upcoming junior year I will be taking a heavy schedule filled with College, AP and Honors courses, as I still try to maintain my 97.28 GPA! With the only season two months, I am very excited to work with my school friends again and continue to play the game I love!

Until next time…😊


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Versatile 2018 NY Forward is becoming very Popular

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ELITE student








After avg 17PPG this summer 4 Empire State Blue Flame, HASTINGS native KaitlynDowney has bevy of offers, Manhattan, Fordham, Niagara etc

2018 F Kaitlyn Downey picks up full scholarship offer on campus today at Richmond University.



2018 F Kaitlyn Downey picks up her second full scholarship offer of the day from George Washington University.

2018 F Kaitlyn Downey picks up full scholarship offer today on campus at American University


KaitlynDowney picks up her 15th full scholarship offer of the Spring today by Niagara University

2018 6’2″ F, KaitlynDowney picks up full scholarship offer from Marist College earlier today. 

2018 Forward KaitlynDowney picks up an offer today from Northeastern University.  Hard work pays off.




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  1. Reply Post By Carl Manco

    First of all congratulations on your success on ans off the court. As an independent observer of the girls game for decades in the NYC area, I’m excited that this area has such a well rounded student/athlete. Believe they are few and far between. A Brooklynite, I will make sure to attend some of your games vs. Staten Island CHSAA teams. As your list of offers keeps growing keep in mind what those ‘offers’ offer. There are so many things to keep into account. So keep it going Kaitlyn, have fun , work to improve, and everything will fall into place. Be in touch.

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