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CHRISTIANNA ” Chrissy ” CARR is a 6’0″  Guard from Eden Prairie, MN ( Minnetonka H.S. ) . She plays AAU with 43 Hoops. She is considered one of the Top 5 players in the 2018 class.

Her father is former NBA player Chris Carr  ( wore #43 ) .  He is the Owner & Head Coach for 43 Hoops, and after being the Head Girls coach at Eden Prairie H.S. – he recently accepted the Head Boy’s position at Minnetonka H.S.

As a Freshman Chrissy averaged 10 ppg, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks for her high school team. She was 1st team All – Lake Conference, which is the toughest and most competitive conference in Minnesota girls basketball. She was Conference player of the week 2 times. All State nominee.

North Tartan Summer Jam-June 2015: Smooth floor game with superior size in the backcourt; consistent mid-range game extends beyond the arc; among the elite guards in the 2018 class.    – Dan Olson  ( espnW )

Breakdown Magazine-December 2014: Confident, athletic combo-guard with a scorer’s mentality; mid-range game producer with smooth stroke; developing deep-threat consistency; skill set to impact at next level.       – Dan Olson  ( espnW )

Away from the court, Chrissy is a true pleasure to get to know. She is a very Outgoing and Sincere young lady. She has a 3.0 GPA .  She’s consistently assisted with 43 Hoops AAU program’s youth teams, and a local community service program called “PROP” (People Reaching Other People ) .





Hi I’m Christianna Carr and in this months write up I’m going to be talking about what it’s like to be a high level athlete, and that even though you miss out on fun things in high school,  the journey you will experience as you get older through the game of basketball is amazing.
        Growing up being able to watch my Dad travel the world playing the sport he loves was something I always wanted to do. My problem was is that I didn’t know exactly what sport I wanted to do and work at for the rest of my life. From countless hours of lacing up my dance shoes and putting on loads of makeup I came to the realization that dancing…. Was not my sport. Next I got into the phase of wanting to be a volleyball player just as good as my sister Tamika. After my parents and I soon picked up that me wanting ball 1,2 and 3 was not going to work out and that I needed to go into a little more fast paced sport. And there it was… Basketball. Two weeks before my 6th gradetryouts, I was sitting in my dads office and told him I wanted to play basketball and try out for the A team. With a smile on his face he told me that I was going to have to work hard at it if I wanted to be on the A team, but that was something I was willing to do. My friends laughed at me when I told them I wanted to play basketball and the most common response I got was “Chrissy you have never even played before, how are you going to make the A team and you don’t even know how to dribble.” But I knew that if I worked hard it would come for me. Weeks passed and I ended up making the A team, and I have fell in love with the game ever since.
     I got the opportunity to be the first ever 8th grade varsity player In Eden Prairie High School, and it was a great experience. Being able to play in the state tournament my 8th grade year was nerve racking but so much fun. After that season I knew I needed to get better because I wanted to be a role player on my high school team as a Freshman. Every morning I was in the gym at 7:00am ready to start working out. I went from 7-9 am working on my shooting and dribbling. Then I transitioned to getting stronger and lifted with my trainer from 9-10. Then later I came back to the gym to practice from 6-9 with my AAU team. I loved working out in the morning because it allowed me to work out and then still be able to go to the beach with my friends and hang out.
      As my social calendar got busier and my workouts needed to get harder, it got harder and harder to balance out what I needed to do to make sure I get everything done and still be a kid. It’s hard at some times because I can’t do what everyone else is doing because of a workout, or because of the danger of me getting hurt and being out for the season. And that’s what this summer was all about. My parents taught me the lesson of being able to balance out my priorities and not putting my self in a position to lose everything I have worked for. I have met some amazing people through this game of basketball that have taught me what it’s like to work hard for what you want and earn respect.  I love and cherish each and every one of my friendships, I can’t wait to be able to see familiar faces on the court in college or in AAU.
In the past couple months I have had UConn come to my game and open gyms. Also I have had Oklahoma State, Oregon, Kansas State, and the University Of Minnesota. Over the holiday break I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and enjoying my sisters company while they were home from college. I can’t wait to see the blessings God has in store for me in 2016.
Until next time….
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WBB :  6’0″  MN Guard CHRISSYCARR  from   AAU is ranked #5 in latest espnW 2018 rankings.

Extremely blessed to revive and offer from final 4 team, University of South Carolina!

Minnetonka: 2018 combo guard ChrissyCarr had , in to see her tonite!

Minnetonka High School: 2018 combo guard ChrissyCarr had in tonite for open gym. !

WBB: in the gym to 2018 MN combo guard ChrissyCarr at Minnetonka High school.

WBB: Purdue has offered Christianna “ChrissyCarr, 6-0 wing, Minnetonka HS (MN-2018). Also has Big Ten offers from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

From 8th grade year to now transition??

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Happy Birthday   i hope you  have a great day!!  love you 


 Nov 16th = Chrissy’s BIRTHDAY


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 & her friends out 4 an awesome afternoon on the lake!  Good friends+good weather = perfect day.

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