2018 ERICA MARTINSEN – Tough, Power Guard that can Shoot

2018 5’9″ Combo Guard ERICA MARTINSEN‘s days of being a low profile recruit are coming to a close…

Coming off a strong AAU campaign with the  Albany City Rocks the Williamsville, NY native is looking to create a national profile.



She has Offers from Fordham , Bowling Green & Cornell

Division 1 schools that have called so far for this Rising Star who also excels in the classroom:

Penn State
Texas El Paso 
St. Johns 
St. Bonaventure 
Old Dominion 
Seton Hall

Erica Martinsen - ( Williamsville East ) Ohhh boy. Surefire scholarship kid. First time I got to watch her, but I've heard about the standout freshman that dropped 40 in a game this winter and was pretty high up on the all-state honors. Erica is as advertised. Elite scorer that contributes in every facet of the game. Her confidence blows past the majority of people her age - she carries herself like she's been doing it for a while. She can let it fly from well beyond the line, but is slick with the handle & gets to the rim as well. Definitely one to watch these next three years. -

2nd Team: EricaMartinsen – Freshman sensation averaged 22ppg. Dropped 40 v A2 champs Lk Shore. Transfering out of area next year.

: Congrats to freshman Erica Martinsen for breaking two school records today vs Lake Shore!  40 points and 6 three pointers!

Freshman Erica Martinsen scored 32 pts and 8 stls as beat Ken West. Playing like her dad did for the Griffs back in the day

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                                                                                                        As 8th Grader on Varsity




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